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When life gets complicated, New York Times bestselling author Sherryl Woods proves family—and love—can make all the difference.

Facing a personal crisis, ambitious and driven Gabriella Castle retreats to the welcoming arms of her family. Everything she's worked for has been yanked out from under her, and she seeks the serenity of her grandmother's home on the North Carolina coast. With difficult decisions to make about her future, the last thing she wants is an unexpected love.

Wade Johnson fell for Gabi the first time he saw her. It's not the only time he's found himself in the role of knight in shining armor, but Gabi isn't looking for a rescuer. To get her to stay, Wade will need a whole lot of patience and gentle persuasion…and maybe the soothing sound of wind chimes on a summer breeze.


I received this book in exchange for an honest review. 

This is the second book in the Ocean Breeze series and I really enjoyed it.  This series takes place in the area that I am from so it makes me long for warm summer nights and sitting on the beach with a lover.

Gabi is the middle sister and the one that has always seemed to have her life together.  Until now.  When an unexpected pregnancy knocks her for a loop, Gabi isn't sure which way is up.  The PR firm that she has given her all to, tells her that unwed mothers are not the image they want and she is let go.  She returns home in order to figure out what her next step is and to get her life in order.

Wade is a carpenter that has had feelings for Gabi for a very long time.  He amazed me with the patience and understanding that he showed for Gabi.  Guys like that are what I call "Forever guys."  They are the ones that will be there no matter what.  I married one. :)

Rated 4 Bookworms


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  1. Glad you have a forever guy - me too! I won the first book in this series & haven't gotten to it yet, but I was excited to be able to start one of Sherryl's series from the beginning & I think this one is only 3 books. This one sounds good!