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Millie has struggled over the years to keep the spark alive in her relationship. Starting at a young age her life has been a series of trials and tribulations, and it’s only getting more complicated. She’s followed stepping stones that she wasn't always sure were leading her in the right direction, causing her to wonder if she is on the right path.

Her husband, Brian, loves her dearly, but has a poor way of showing it. Stress easily beats him down, and his own protective nature seems to fight against him. He’s shutting down, virtually ignoring and alienating the people around him when they need him the most.

Millie lost her job and they’re about to lose the house. On the verge of losing it all, she questions everything. Where did it all go wrong? How did they get to this point? However, the answers could be more unsettling than anticipated.

Hearts will be broken when long held secrets are revealed. Is a chance at happiness worth the destruction it leaves in its wake? Is it worth the risk? Worth the pain for everyone involved? Worth the effort? Is she somebody worth it?


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BlurbTwo men. One woman. It could ruin a friendship, or bring a satisfying twist to their lives. Artist, Jason Morgan, is used to making magic on the canvas. Now he hopes to do it in the bedroom.
After a failed gallery showing, Jason decides the best way to cure his creative block is to act on his own personal fantasy, and enter into a sexual relationship with his two best friends.
From the time they were in elementary school, Russell Sinclair has been a willing participant in Jason's adventures, but this one goes to a new level. He's intrigued by the idea of sharing one woman, but is challenged by how to fit this three-sided relationship into his traditional life.
Lauren Redmond is no stranger to fantasy. As the aesthetic sales rep to the top Beverly Hills dermatologists, she is responsible for the majority of puffed lips and filled wrinkles in the greater Los Angeles area. She detours from her steady, secure path when she is offered the opportunity to live the dream with the two men who have occupied her heart since college. The fantasy fast becomes a powerful reality, and Lauren must decide if she is willing to give up everything she has worked for to have a bit of temporary decadence.
Trifecta explores the boundaries of love, relationships and convention.


Jason Morgan is an artist that usually making magic on canvas and trying to be discovered and make the big time.  What he wants more than anything is his two best friend all in one relationship together.  Maybe it’s the artiest in Jason but he sees the world in more than black and white.  I don’t think it would have occurred to either of the others to have a ménage relationship. 

Russell Sinclair is Jason’s best friend since elementary school.  He is a computer Architect.  He is always in control and the opposite of Jason.  He thinks things through before acting.  Russell comes across as the guy every girl dreams about. 

Lauren Redmond is an aesthetic sales rep to Beverly Hills dermatologist.  She is on her way to landing a Doctor for a husband.  However to do that she needs to put Jason and Russell away and that is a lot harder than she seems to think is it.  She also wants both of them as well. 

The chemistry between Jason, Russell, and Lauren is blistering.  The sex scenes were scorching hot.  In the bedroom, they have it all figured out.  It seems once they leave the bedroom the three of them forget that they are friends and stop communicating.  It’s almost like the other person should just know what the issues are.   

I found this story to be well written and exciting.  The main and secondary characters were interesting and realistic.  My only issue with the book was it was a bit long winded and it was hard to see that the three were friends when they did not talk to each other much.  I did like seeing the three of them try to make the relationship work and the issues and problems that arise when one has an unconventional relationship in a conventional world.  Overall, this was a good book.

Review1This was a fun book that took a topic that is not every day conversation and pushed it out into the real world.  The characters are well written and I have to say the sex is amazing between the three of them.  When you have been friends as long as they have it is hard to take that next step.  Even more so when there are three of them involved.  Jason is a very selfish person but the creative nut in me thinks that is just what is personality makes him out to be. 

I can see how hard it was for Russell to step out of the very conservative shell he has lived in his whole life.  I did find it strange that after all the years they have been together, they still struggled for basic communication with each other.  Did Russell and Lauren really need Jason there to tell them if they could be together or not? 

At the end of the day this is a good book that I would recommend to anyone that likes a romance that breaks the mold.

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This Valentines Day remember your first love with Strawberry Wine, the new adult romance from bestselling author, Michelle Hughes.

Luke Parks was mine. My first kiss, my first love and my first broken heart. He swept me off my feet with just one look and after a summer of awakening my body to passion left me broken. He was twenty-four and to a girl of sixteen, I'd never been prepared for the devastation of loving and losing so completely. Time, like all things moves on, but my heart never fully recovered from watching him drive off down that country road out of my life.

Fate. Can you really escape your past?

I grew up, finished college and moved to the big city. I thought I'd left all those memories behind, but fate can be a real bitch. I'm a journalist now and my first real assignment throws me face first back in front of Luke. He's opening a new tattoo parlor in Chicago and they want me to get his story. One look into his blue eyes and I'm remembering drinking strawberry wine and the summer nights we spent sharing everything but my virginity.

It was inevitable that he'd be my first lover.

The last summer night we'd spent together, I was determined to give him the one thing I'd kept from our relationship. At the last moment I'd balked but like I said, fate. There was no doubt in my mind that now that he was back in my life, I'd end up in his bed. My only sanity? My best friend and roommate, Jake. He's that guy that you can always depend on, the one you have to call your friend because he's just too sweet to be anything else. Fate was impossible to resist, so I could only hope when Luke destroyed my soul again, Jake would be there to pick up the pieces.

Sometimes your heart has to be broken before you can really understand love.


I was a fan of Michelle's work long before I was her friend.  She always manages to grip me in some way and drag me into her stories.  I was given a copy of this story to read in exchange for my opinion.  This was a sweet story that had me intrigued at the beginning.  How many of us have fallen in love with the bad boy only to be burned?  Mia had loved Luke for so long that getting over him was proving to be impossible.  I am convinced that fate has a sick sense of humor.  The minute she tries to get over him, he walks back into her life.  Her best friend, Jake has been there with her for a long time and he is not happy with the turn things are taking when Mia falls under Luke's spell again.  I felt the tears streaming when she was broken and all hope was lost.  I know for a fact that you have to be broken before you can find the strength to discover what love truly is.  Thank you, Michelle for reminding me how much I loved Boone's Farm, hot summer nights, the sweet agony of first love and what a forever love feels like.

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About the Author:  Michelle Hughes

I grew up in the country and remember drinking Strawberry Wine with my friends on the lake.  Writing this book was like reliving my past and needless to say a few tears fell when those memories flooded through my mind.  Looking back now, I remember how I thought I'd never get over my first love.  I think we all have one of those, that guy that just never leaves your thoughts no matter how many years have passed.  Even though you know leaving him behind was the best thing, it still tugs at your heartstrings to remember how naive you were when that first kiss awakened you.

As a mom of five and married, believe me many years have flown by.  That being said I can recall with vivid clarity those awkward years when you thought you knew everything and doubted you'd be able to live another day if he didn't love you back. I'm hoping that when readers thumb through the pages, they remember those feelings.  For myself, I wouldn't go back to those days if I could, but when something stays in your mind for that long it's hard not to look back with a smile or a tear. 


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Beaten to a pulp, drugged into a daze, and brainwashed into oblivion, human experiment Lukian Valentin gambles his life to evade another eviscerating afternoon with his trigger-happy superiors. Fifty stories of a maximum-security building and hundreds of trained special operatives can’t hold a candle to his will to escape. Beyond the laser bars of his holding cell, Lukian must surmount the even greater challenges of repairing the fragments of his broken mind, forgiving himself for his unwilling involvement with the Empire, and learning what it means to live on his own.

The sassy and commanding Naoko Nai wonders just what to do with the soft-spoken, socially awkward, and totally ripped guy she was assigned to train for employment. She knows nothing else about him, other than the fact he was granted asylum, is great with a knife, and his little white apron gives her distinctly unprofessional thoughts.

When the Empire comes to collect, Naoko unwittingly provides the perfect bait to reel Lukian back to headquarters for a fresh series of brain implants and repair.

To save the woman he loves, Lukian must summon the deadly powers implanted in him by the Empire—powers he fears he can’t control, powers he struggled to forgive himself for using, powers that may drive Naoko away forever—because no ordinary man has struck a blow against the Empire and lived to tell the tale. To save Naoko, Lukian must emerge victorious from the battle against himself.


Lukain Valentin is not happy living and controlled by the Glorious Empire Daitya.  The Empire pushes conformity and obedience to the point of everyone acting and doing what they are told without question.  Lukain’s biggest issue is what is going on in his mind is increasingly different from what he has been told to behave.  He tries very hard but his superior’s target him and beating are a regular thing.  Things get so bad for Lukain that he escapes. 

Naoko Nai is tasked with helping train Lukain for employment on Jambu.  Jambu is a typical paradise.  Naoko knows nothing about Lukain other than he is easy on the eyes.  The more they get to know each other the more they connect in ways neither expected. 

The chemistry between Naoko and Lukain is blistering.   The sex scenes were scorching.  Lukain connected to Naoko in a way he did not expect and really began to live.  She was his soft place to fall and what is better is he did not even expect it.     

Kain is the first book in the Sex, Drugs, and Cyberpunk series by Brie McGill.  This book is very slow to start but if you hang in there it turns into a great book.  I found this book to be well written with the main and secondary characters interesting and realistic.  This book is a combination of big brother and the book 1984.  It definitely makes you think about technology and how it’s a part of our lives.  Overall, this was a great book. 






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Doctors suspect Brie developed an overactive imagination during childhood to cope with the expansive corn maze known as rural Pennsylvania. Unable to afford an operation to have the stories surgically removed from her brain, she opted instead to write them down.

Brie currently lives in British Columbia with her boyfriend and naughty black cat, somewhere not too far from the sea. She enjoys trips to the local farm, chatting with her long-distance friends on a rotary phone, and roflstomping video games from the nineties.

Brie’s favorite storytellers include Anne Rice, George Orwell, and Hunter S. Thompson.



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Wind Chime Cover_5

Title: Wind Chime Café

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Release Date: February 7, 2014



Kindle eBook:é-Novel-ebook/dp/B00I8OS77S/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1391540601&sr=8-5&keywords=wind+chime+cafe




When single mother, Annie Malone, purchases a quirky Main Street café on Heron Island, she thinks she’s finally turned her dream of opening her own restaurant into a reality. Hearing rumors that a developer is about to build a five-star resort on the sleepy Chesapeake Bay island, she plans to transform the café into a premier upscale bistro. But Navy SEAL, Will Dozier, has no intention of selling his grandparents’ property to a developer. Back on Heron Island for the first time in ten years and secretly struggling with PTSD, Will decides that a fling with the new girl is the perfect way to help him “get his head straight.” The last thing Will expects is to fall in love…with his hometown and with Annie. But Will’s life and career are in San Diego with the SEALs. Can Annie’s love and the healing magic of the island be enough to convince him to stay?


Goodreads Link:


This was a sweet and romantic story that I was given the chance to review in exchange for my honest opinion.  Annie is a single mom that wants to make a life for her and her daughter, Taylor.  As  a parent, there is nothing you won't do to help your child, especially after a tragic event. 


Will is a Navy SEAL that is battling his own demons and comes home to take care of some family business.  His decision not to sell to a developer has a direct impact on how Annie is going to make a life for her and Taylor.  I like the way that Will and Taylor connect and find a common ground in their pain.  No good love story is perfect and I like the twists and turns that Ms. Moss has integrated into the story to give it a realistic feel and to make it worthwhile.  I grew up on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and the Chesapeake Bay is right around the corner.  It was nice to sink into a book that felt like home and with characters that I could bond with.  I will be checking out more books from this talented author.


Giveaway Information: $50 Amazon Gift Card and Three Signed Paperbacks (ebooks if winners live outside US & Canada)

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Sophie Moss Bio Pic New

Sophie Moss is an award-winning author of four full-length romance novels. Known for her captivating Irish fantasy romances and heartwarming contemporary romances with realistic characters and unique island settings, her books have appeared twice in USA Today. As a former journalist, Sophie has been writing professionally for over ten years. She currently lives in San Diego, California, where she’s working on her next novel. When she’s not writing, she’s walking the beach, testing out a new dessert recipe, or fiddling in her garden. Sophie loves to hear from readers. Email her at or visit her website at







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Of all the men in the world, Cailin Walker fell in love with the one she cannot have. The one her sister married.

Billionaire Luke Blackwell made the biggest mistake of his life when he married the wrong Walker sister, but that’s one mistake he intends to rectify.

Cailin’s stayed away for the past three years to fight what she feels.

But all it takes is one drunken mistake for passion to ignite.

Now that they’ve tasted the forbidden, there’s no turning back. They’ll either have to fight the passion threatening to consume them or take a chance and risk losing everything.

Losing it all might just be worthy.

The FORBIDDEN LUST novellas are erotic romances intended for mature audiences.


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Cover(16)Review1This was a hot story that I really enjoyed!  Luke was aware that he married the wrong sister.  He was attracted to one sister and married her.  The one he wanted, however, was Cailin.  This story is spicy and sexy!  I will be checking out more!




Growing up, Diana Bocco wanted to be Indiana Jones. She ended up not pursuing a degree in Archaeology (though she toyed with the idea for a while) but she did become a huge lover of travel and history. Aside from traveling to all corners of the world, Diana has also lived in five countries in three continents -- including three years in Siberia and two in Vietnam. She's currently living in Thailand.

 Diana is also the author of the dystopian/vampire romance, City of the Fallen, as well as other novels and nonfiction books. You can find her on Facebook at or visit her website at 


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BlurbBook Two
Murder, jealousy and treasure…

When Cammie Adams, determined novice PI, gets an urgent call from her ex, she is compelled to take his case. Miles, a luxury hotel owner and an upstanding citizen of the Upton Hills Community, finds one of the maids dead in an empty suite and turns to Cammie for help to keep his beloved hotel from being tarnished. With her partner and complicated boyfriend, Simon, she takes on a case that might just be their last. Her ex’s hotel is an eighty-year-old building that has secrets of its own. Will Miles win Cammie back? Will Simon stay by her side when the unthinkable happens? Can they catch the murderer to save the hotel and her ex’s reputation or will the case take a turn that will leave them lost forever?


Something to Treasure is the second book in the More than Treasure series by Christy Newton.  This book is best read as part of the series and not as a standalone.  In this book, we get to know Cammie better than the first book.  Cammie seems to be adjusting to all the changes in her life as her father is back in her life as well as having a boyfriend.  We get to see what unsettles Cammie.

Simon is an ex-jewel thief turned PI.  He is still hot and sexy man.  Its apparent that while Simon is intelligent and is a good PI his first job above all else is to keep Cammie from getting hurt everything else comes across as second to that.  

The chemistry between Simon and Cammie is intense.  The sex scenes were hot and steamy.  The sex scenes were not as detailed as some book are and I enjoyed that a lot.  What puzzled me was why Cammie and Simon were sleeping in separate bedrooms.  Is it a way to slow the relationship down and get to know the other person better?  On the other hand, is there another reason?

Just like the prior book, this book was just as well written.  The main and secondary characters were interesting and realistic.  I read this book in one sitting because I could not put this book down.   I found the mystery immensely entertaining.  Ms. Newton kept me on my toes with all the twists and turns this story took.   I had no idea what was going to pop up next.  Overall, this was a magnificent book and I will be picking up the next book in the series shortly. 


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After the bloody murder of her brother, Rei finds herself on the run from the coven that killed him. A powerful Earth witch, Rei searches for a natural well of magic to avenge her brother’s death, even if costs her life. However, standing between her and her goal is an alluring wolf.Aidan never took the time or interest to look for his mate, but when the young witch shows up on pack hunting grounds his solitary life is turned upside down. Now, he must find a way to protect his pack and the woman that fate has handed him.

Review by TommeRei is an witch and she is running from a coven of blood witches, but not just any coven, the coven that murdered her brother in front of her eyes so they could steal his power. Now they want her power and they will kill anyone that gets in their way.  Rei needs some more power to take on the coven and is drawn to a particularly powerful piece of land in Montana.  While looking for the source of the power she runs into a strange wolf, and finds herself thrown into Aidan's world.

Aidan is just your average werewolf, protecting his packs land and getting his nephew ready for his first full moon. You know the normal stuff.  Until he finds a young witch camping all alone on the packs land...and then all of a sudden there is nothing normal about his life.

I was really excited to read this book. I love witches and I love werewolves. So a book about witches AND werewolves sounded perfect. I was not disappointed.  I read this book in one sitting because I just couldn't put it down.  The story flows effortlessly and has you anticipating what is on the next page.  The author has written just the right mix of action, suspense and romance to make the book interesting for a wide range of readers.  The main and secondary characters are wonderfully written and really draw you into their world. I haven't read anything else by this author, but after reading this I definitely will! I would recommend this read to ...well everyone.


Rei is on the run from a coven that wants to take her powers and kill her.  They already killed her brother, but his death enabled her to get away from them.  Rei is a powerful earth witch who has steadily moved closer to a werewolf pack.  Rei is a strong woman who tries to do the right thing and not get anyone hurt along the way. 

Aidan is one of alphas of the local werewolf pack.  He has not had time to look for a mate with trying to get the mate of his late brother to realize that he is not her mate.  At first sight of Rei is recognized that she is his mate and that brings tons of additional trouble. 

The chemistry between Aidan and Rei is blazing.  Aidan does everything possible to balance protecting Rei and the pack with proving that Aidan is strong enough to fight this coven.  The sex scenes were scorching.

I found this book to be well written.  The main and secondary characters are interesting and realistic.  I hope that this becomes a series because I would love to see some of the secondary characters get their own books. Overall this was a great book that I enjoyed reading.  



Henley, the head of cyber security at Blaine Technologies, is a man no one crosses. He watches employees constantly, using his network of cameras, and enforces his rules by any means possible. Rumors of his violent past, along with his scarred hands and huge size, have resulted in his being feared by everyone … almost everyone.

Katalina, the new intern, worries about the revelation of her most painful secret much more than she fears her sexy boss's wrath. She sees the loneliness in his dark eyes, feels the gentleness in his marred fingers, tastes the need in his kisses … and she knows he watches her. His silly rules about not stripping for the cameras and no sex at the office are destined to be broken.

Kat likes to be watched. Henley can't look away. Will this beauty be able to tame her beastly boss?


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As with her previous novels, Sax has delivered an erotically charged, captivating, and intimately detailed story that flows faster than the speed of light!  A great object of foreplay, I feel that any lover of the genre will find this satisfying.  I look forward to the next installment!








Cynthia Sax lives in a world filled with magic and romance. Although her heroes may not always say, “I love you”, they will do anything for the women they adore. They live passionately. They play hard. They love the same women forever.

Cynthia has loved the same wonderful man forever. Her supportive hubby offers himself up to the joys and pains of research, while they travel the world together, meeting fascinating people and finding inspiration in exotic places such as Istanbul, Bali, and Chicago.Please visit her on the web at



Author Website:



Twitter: @CynthiaSax


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