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Welcome to Throw over Thursday, Kittens!  I am handing over the blog to Marissa Carmel today!


What is New Adult?

I get asked this a lot. It’s not quite YA but it’s not contemporary fiction either. No, it’s the in between. Its characters who are too emotionally mature for high school yet not quite full blown adults either; new to the working world with no family or household responsibilities to speak of. It’s those just breaking in their grown-up shoes. Those in the transition years; a period where ideals mature, where love and sex are taken to the next level, and time becomes something comprehendible.

The world is experienced through different eyes, eyes that are gaining an older perspective. It’s an engaging cross over genre as childhood innocence fades only to be replaced with the school of hard knocks.Nope it’s not easy trying to make sense out of all these developing changes, all the while trying to make sense out of yourself.  But it does make for great fiction, which is why I believe in the genre so much. Why I like writing it so much. Your twenties are such a radical episode of life, just as much as your teens, expect now you’re seen in society as a peer. And now you get to experience all things grownup.  Some stuff meets your expectations, some doesn’t.And that’s what New Adult is, facing the expectation and figuring out if it was all hype or worth the wait.

Thank you so much, Marissa for helping me out today!  I look forward to you coming back and joining me real soon!

Marissa is a very talented author and I wanted to share her work with you guys!

iFeel, Gravitational Pull, Constellation (TBA)

The Vis Vires Trilogy

Marissa Carmel


Title: iFeel (Vis Vires Trilogy #1)

Author: Marissa Carmel               

Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance

Book Blurb-

Lust. Anger. Hate. Desire. Love. Happiness. Joy. iFeel.

What happens when an unknowing empath meets a pixie who wears leather, a snitch who is repulsive and a fiery angel who can literally set your soul on fire? A whole lot of emotional turmoil and one love story ignited.

Liv Christianni is isolated, alone, tortured and withdrawn, saddled with the torrential downpour of the world’s emotions. Accepting of her providence Liv has lost all hope, until one day fate steps in and spins the course of her life like a spiraling top. Hunted by a Spirit Stalker, Liv is forced to gain control of herself and her surroundings, threatened by the touch of her immortal love; she must find a way to survive both physically and emotionally. Can she find the courage to accept her true self? Can she love unconditionally cognizant of the condemning consequences? Can she rise from the ashes to become the person she was always meant to be? Funny, witty, real, and poignant, iFeel rips into your soul, and sets your emotions on fire. If you are a fan of Charmed or Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries or The Secret Circle this series is for you!


I direct my anger towards the mocking bottles of crazy pills settled in the cabinet. I attack them; clearing all the glass shelves in one angered fit. Tiny orange bottles fly all around my white tiled bathroom, exploding an array of colored pills against the walls and floor. It feels like I am bombing my past; liberating my future and releasing myself from whatever binds me. I want to be free, and if that means destroying my whole apartment in the process to get there, I am willing to do that.
I can feel the rage course through my veins; my head throbs and my throat burns as I thrash at my tiny bathroom. All I can hear are the voices of people who mean the most to me, those who encourage me, those who support me. To my surprise, the loudest voice is the one who is farthest away. Justice’s words echo against the tiled surface, telling me to let go, to accept my fate, to be magical and not mental. It makes me miss him all the more, but what he said finally makes sense.
My breaths pulse quickly in my lungs, as if the air is thinning. I have worked myself up into a crazed frenzy to expel my true self. My enraged fit has resulted in a bathroom bloodbath, me versus myself.
And I won.


This was super good!!- This story was just absolutely perfect!! 5 stars!

Riveting- This was one of the best books I have read in a very long time!

Awesome paranormal story- This book was like one of those suspense movies that you had to keep your attention on or you would miss something very

I have to say that this book is definitely one of my favorites. The cover is absolutely breathtaking!!! It's what first drew me in. I absolutely love the author's writing style. The story line was creative and intriguing and had me sucked in from the beginning to end. I love the way the author depicts the different supernaturals. It's different from the norm of books you see out there right now. The characters were very descriptive and well-developed. Once I got started on this book it was hard to stop. The story is unique and flows easily making it very easy to read and understand. I would have to say I am very impressed with this author. I look forward to reading more of Liv and Justice in the future and any other books this author writes. Marissa Carmel has made me a complete fan of her work. -


This book was a wonderful read! Action packed from the inception and true to the title of the book, the reader embarks on a myriad of emotions. Going through each experience and life altering event with Liv, the books lead character. You feel as if you are walking beside the main character truly discovering the mysteries as they unfold page by page. And a surprising love story with a twist you'll never see coming…A real page turner!-


I Feel great, on fire, changed, content about this book. This book is indeed a different kind of writing. I enjoyed the story very much. Extreme beings combust with contact. One that hides from all public life simply to keep from feeling every emotion from everyone around her. Destined to spend her life in lock up inside her own apartment. The other one an angel sent to protect all that is good and to keep evil from harming this "feeler". Seraphs and empaths ignite and paint the town in flames in this story. Characters that will open your heart, can make you laugh, show anger in large amounts and also open your eyes on things we take for granted. Good read for sure. Loved the flow and design of details.
Great for all YA, Angels & Demons, and Fantasy fans alike. Will recommend to all. KUDOS AUTHOR Marissa Carmel. Happy Reading


Title: Gravitational Pull (Vis Vires Trilogy #2)

Author: Marissa Carmel               

Genre: New Adult Paranormal Romance

 Book Blurb-

Touch me, and bring me to life...

How do you move on when you don’t even know where you were going in the first place?

The Spirit Stalker is dead and I have finally started to erect my life. But I quickly discover, that just because the structure is built doesn’t mean the foundation is sturdy. As much as I try to manage my abilities, I can’t completely control them. The physical impossibility of the relationship I have with Justice has reached a boiling point; our fundamental problem, my inability to control myself from absorbing his power, and his fear of touching me because of it.

As if that wasn’t deal-breaker enough, a new threat looms on my horizon - Darklings.

They are grim reapers of the immortal world who surface every five-hundred-years to feed off the souls of magical beings who are weak, aimless, lost; those who have given up and want to move on.

They also hunt power. Which means, they’re hunting me.

Abandoned by the one person I need the most, I find myself in Melenia’s realm.  There, I’m courted by Siberian, a dangerous pixie who covets me, hunted by Death personified; all the while hiding my powers and my ancient bloodline. The pixie prince is alluring, and I feel so broken and vulnerable. I know giving in to him means giving myself over to him. But right now, I don’t care. All I want is to feel anything other than the loss and rejection Justice left me with.

Anything other than pain.

So what do I do when I’m scared to be touched, even though I know it’s the only way to bring my soul back to life?


 As we dance, glitter falls all around us. Enchanting the dream-like atmosphere, but I can’t escape the music’s haunting melody, and the reality that reminds me of the truth, that I’m not undamaged. I just desperately try to pretend.

“I could dance like this with you forever,” Siberian whispers as he pulls me tighter.

There it is again, that word, forever. I despise it, mainly because, to me, it pertains more to a prison sentence than anything else.

“I’d get old after a while,” I say with my cheek pressed hopelessly against him.

“I know that would never be true.” He slides his hands up my body to my face and stares down at me with glossy silver eyes. “I would like nothing more than for you to stay here with me Liv. I can give you everything you could ever want, all your heart’s desires.”

I stare back at him silently. As tender, and as terrifying, as that proclamation is, my heart only desires one thing, and right now, he is standing across the courtyard, shooting me a demonic stare.

This is wrong, this is so so wrong, parading myself like this in front of Justice. But I just can’t pull myself away. Siberian’s searing gaze has me, and I want so much to just get lost in the moment, to feel his touch. I put my hands over his and brace for his lips, allowing him to have me, if only for a second. Then suddenly I jump: I’ve just been energy checked right in the gut.


 I really like the mercurial Justice. He is such an unpredictable, bad-boy seraph. He is a great character-

 Leave your imagination at the door, you will not need it. The author Marissa Carmel will take
you on an adventure filled with angels, seraphs, pixies, demons and Darklings, the
grim reapers of the immortal

 Ms. Carmel paints a loving picture of her characters and embroils them in a dangerous situation with the dark powers that be. Before the book comes to a climatic end, desperation acts, loving moments, and a shocking death follow Liv on her way to her true destiny as a Vis Vires. In a nutshell, if you loved the first book, you'll swoon over this one. Five Stars-

Author Bio:

Marissa Carmel has been writing since a young age and although it has always been for personal enjoyment, she finally decided breakout and share her imagination with the world. She hopes that her universe is as fun and intriguing to her readers as it is to her. Marissa Carmel is originally from NJ but moved to Maryland several years ago, she enjoys reading, writing, and catching up on her ever growing DVR library. She is currently working on the third and final installment of the Vis Vires trilogy, Constellation.






Author pg:







(The Glorious Victorious Darcys 1.5)

Bonus e-Novella (digital only)



From the author of Her Sky Cowboy comes a sexy new novella about rebellion, redemption, and the healing powers of love and tolerance amid budding global chaos.

Doc Blue has never had it easy. Born a Freak, the offspring of a Vic—a native Victorian—and a Mod—a time traveler from the future—he’s lived on the fringes of society, hiding his true identity and preternatural healing abilities from even his closest friends. His brief support of the Freak rebellion has only left him with even more problems, losing him both his job and one of his greatest allies, the Sky Cowboy, Tucker Gentry. So when Tuck’s kid sister, Lily, ends up blinded in an air skirmish on her way from America to England, Doc jumps at the opportunity to be the one to rescue her and use his powers to mend her wounds.

 Curing Lily proves harder than anticipated, and Doc realizes that to restore her sight he will have to spill his biggest secret and embrace his Freak nature like never before. But, with Lily’s help, Doc may be able to reach the full potential of his abilities, heal Lily’s broken heart, and learn, finally, how to open his.


 Includes a preview of the next Glorious Victorious Darcys novel, His Clockwork Canary.



“I’m sorry I got you in this fix,” Lily said, fiercely conscious of their intimate and highly inappropriate position. Arms and legs entangled. Her backside pressed against his groin.

 “I’m here on account of my own actions, angel. I promise I’ll get us both out.” He shifted and squeezed her waist, pulling her even closer. “Jasper just ran off. Guess he’s heading for the Crusader. Don’t know what that dig looks like, but she must be flashy or big. P.J. said she’d attract attention.”

 “What’s this dig look like?” Lily asked.

 “Let’s put it this way. It’s called the Bullet.”

 “Sleek and cylindrical.”

 “With wings and a tail and some sort of rocket booster. P.J.’s firing up now.”

 Lily heard the rumble clean through the shield. The cramped dirigible vibrated and shimmied and Lily braced for takeoff. “Are you scared, King?”

 “You forget I’ve been riding with your brother for the past few years. If we weren’t chasing and apprehending outlaws, we were clashing with sky pirates and ALE. This is nothing. Although P.J’s flying ain’t for the fainthearted.”

 “I’m not fainthearted.” Lily licked her lips. “Not usually.”

 “I believe you, but flying blind is discombobulating. Focus on my voice,” he said close to her ear as the vessel lurched forward. “I’ll talk you through it.”

 For a minute she was breathless, speechless. Her mind and body reeled with the forceful launch and the sudden unexpected speed as they shot through the air. Just as he’d promised, Doc described everything. The three ships that constituted skytown breaking apart and heading in separate directions , several other smaller digs shooting off every which way . . .

 “Ah, the Crusader.”

 “Flashy and big?” she asked, holding tight to Doc’s hands.

 “Beauty of a zeppelin wrapped in an intricate iron grill. Topside propeller and rear rocket thrusters. Gondola’s loaded with cannons and the zepp’s fitted to carry small fighter digs like this one.”

 “How . . . how can you be sure it’s the Crusader?” Lily asked as the Bullet lurched right.

 “The big S welded into the intricate grill work.” Doc sighed. “Caped Crusader. Man of Steel. Superman. A twentieth-century superhero. Pa used to liken Jasper to the fictional icon. Thing is Superman used his powers for the greater good.”

 “For Jasper,” Lily said as she struggled with a dizzy spell, “emancipating Freaks is the greater good.”

 “You’re a good soul, Lily Gentry.”

 Doc kissed the back of her head and the dizziness intensified. Only it wasn’t from the topsy-turvy ride. Cannon fire exploded in the distance and Lily burst with a fierce need to live in the moment. This moment. “I’ve never been kissed.”


 “If this ends badly, I want something good to remember when I meet my maker.”

 “Don’t talk nonsense, angel. P.J.’ll get us out of here. If nothing else, her pride demands it.”

 Ignoring the ache in her ribs and the pain in her leg, Lily swiveled round best she could. “Kiss me proper-like, King.”


 She could feel the warmth of his breath. His mouth, so close. His body tensed as she leaned in, but she didn’t pull back. She waited . . . and when the Bullet shook with the blast of return fire, she took what she wanted. A kiss. Though her mouth glanced off Doc’s, she tasted a hint of peppermint and slice of heaven. Bliss.

 He groaned then, cradled her face, and pressed his lips to hers—firm and true. He kissed her proper-like. The kind of kiss she’d read about in dime novels. The kind she’d seen stolen between lovers in the park. Heat radiated through her body, her skin tingled, and her blood burned. He teased the seam of her mouth with his tongue, and Lily’s lungs near about burst through her ribs.

 Inspired by their precarious circumstance and her uncertain future, she parted her lips and welcomed Doc’s tongue. The awfulness of the world faded away as the compassionate healer gifted her with sizzling passion.

 The Bullet bucked then arced, and Lily’s heart followed.

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Under Katie Scott's flower child exterior beats the heart of June Cleaver. Though she digs her bellbottoms and love beads, she longs for the idyllic family life she was denied as a child.

Laughed out of San Francisco's Haight Ashbury after the Summer of Love for believing rock 'n roll and white picket fences can coexist, she decides to try her luck in the bohemian neighborhood of Ladbroke Grove in London.

When she discovers her new friend Adam is starting a band with Jay Carey, she's ecstatic. She'd admired the British guitar god from afar for years, and when she and Jay finally meet the attraction between them is instantaneous.

But life with a rock 'n roll star doesn't lend itself well to white picket fences. And when Katie tells Jay the secret she's carried for two years it may end the dream before it begins.


Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll.  Does life get any better?  Not if you are in London in the sixties.  Katie is wanting to combine her flower child life with the home she has been craving and by moving to London, she hopes she will find that.  Passion enflames her when she meets Jay Carey, a rockstar that sets her bellbottoms on fire!

Jay is a bad, bad boy and I am in love!  This story makes you believe that you are in sixties London and the author has a talent for spinning a story you want to savor.  You know the story won't be easy, loving a bad boy never is, and a rock star is even harder.  The choices these two make are difficult on the heart but a true love story always is. 

Thank you, Juli for allowing me a glimpse into the rock and roll life. 

Rated 4 Bookworms


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Stay With Me Cover



 Allie Marshall, PA student, and Dr. Donovan Callahan have overcome such intense drama in their short relationship. Dealing with thoughts of Claire, his ex who sits in jail for murdering her husband, to Allie's secret past, has been extremely stressful. From the day they met, it has been hot and heavy; both of them giving into their wants and needs. The pair have thrown caution to the wind and ...just went with their hearts. All seems well, finally, and Allie is letting go of her insecurities, which could ultimately threaten to be her downfall. That is, until someone from Donovan's past decides to make a surprise and unwelcome appearance at a wedding the couple attends. A shocking announcement is made that will force Allie to question everything about Donovan-- his honesty, his character, even his feelings for her. Will this be the final straw, or will this be a test of strength of their feelings for each other?


“Let’s lose this, shall we?” he growls, unsnapping my bra with one hand. The straps slip down my shoulders, exposing just the tops of my breasts. Donovan pulls it the rest of the way off, then works on removing my panties. I take my turn and remove his boxers. We are wrapped in each others arms, our bare skin touching. Desire courses through my veins and I can’t wait for him to bring me to the brink of ecstasy.

He gently rolls me to my back, then props himself on his elbow to gaze down at me. “I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of seeing you like this,” he whispers, his fingers skim over my belly. I bite my lip, trying to hold back my moan. He bends his head down and starts to press his lips against my skin, starting at my neck. His mouth moves down my body with each kiss, making me squirm and grip the sheets. He spends a little extra time on my breasts, taking my nipples into his mouth and softly nipping them. His breath is hot against my flesh, making me feel like I’m on fire.



Author Bio:

AC Marchman

AC Marchman lives in Virginia with her husband Dan and their three children, Hannah, Jacob and Sarah.  By day, she is a wife, mommy, and an x-ray tech for a doctor's office.  By night (and nap time) she is a writer.  She loves spending time with her family.  She also loves to read.  Her favorite authors being EL James, Sylvia Day, James Patterson, and Tess Gerritsen.

Stay With Me Playlist:

 Contact A.C. Marchman








Beth Patterson and her two younger brothers are hiding from the law in the small town of Whistle Creek. Beth is committed to keeping her family together and she will do anything to ensure it. Anything.

When her youngest brother befriends Tom Carver, the local blacksmith, Beth worries the truth will fly out of the six-year-old’s mouth faster than he can spit a watermelon seed.

Surprisingly, it isn’t the boy who invites Tom’s suspicion. It’s Beth herself, the night he catches her snooping in his barn with an excuse so ridiculous it gets him wondering just what she is up to. Intrigued, he takes it upon himself to find out. But instead of unraveling their secret, Tom becomes entangled in their everyday lives.

Beth knows the dangers of letting her guard down and soon she faces a most crucial and heart-wrenching dilemma of her life. Is Tom’s love strong enough to forgive her of her one felonious deed or will he condemn her?

More importantly, dare she risk everything to find out?


I am not normally a western romance reader and will avoid them if I can.  It's just me. :)  However, when the author contacted me about reviewing her story, I have to admit that I was intrigued. 

This is a very well written romance story and the history is true and deep.  I read passages to my husband (who is a history nut) and he was impressed with the accuracy.  It is not often that you find a story that is rich in detail and develops with the book.  Beth is a complicated woman who is doing what she needs to survive.  As a teacher in a small rural area that is always going to be difficult.  Tom is one of those guys you want to smack and end up loving.  I love a story that combines romance and suspense.  It leaves me wondering where the characters choices will take them.  The author has created a beautiful story that captures the essence of Beth and Tom. 

I rated this story a solid 4 Bookworms and would love to know what you guys think!



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Jordie is a survivor, tough and independent. She's had to be, since her husband was killed in Iraq. For the last eight years, raising her daughter and owning a popular New York City bar has kept Jordie plenty busy, leaving her no time for much of anything else. Aside from her sassy yet squirrely best friend Rachel, Jordie's social life is bare bones and her love life nonexistent. Truth be told she wouldn't change a thing; she's never been happier.

Then she meets Nathan, and he changes everything with one crooked smile, triggering a chain of life-altering events for the two of them, filled with romance, chaos, and deadly peril. Neither of them could ever imagine their relationship would resurrect an unknown darkness from Jordie's past, lurking in the shadows, just waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Jordie has never needed to be stronger for all of them to make it out alive.

Sensuality Level: Sensual


 “Fuck!” I blurted out as I reached my steps. Nathan was perched there halfway up and, my Lord, he was looking fine.
“Is that a statement or a request?” He grinned mischievously at me, a grin that touched those amazing blue eyes.
Oh shit, he’s here … on my front porch. My heart slammed into my throat and I was pretty sure I had lost the ability to form a coherent sentence.
“Hi?” was all I could manage to say. What was he doing here at three A.M.?
“I wanted to make sure you made it home safely,” he said, as if answering my silent question.
“Nut. Job,” I mouthed slowly to him.
He laughed, unveiling that beautiful, perfect, white-toothed smile that made his eyes even brighter. Then it happened. With that one smile, I surrendered to whatever it was inside of me I was fighting. I could no longer worry about how this story would end
when all I wanted to do was start it. I walked past him. “Want to come up for a beer or something?” I unlocked the door and waited for the impact of the rejection.
“Or something.”
I could hear the smirk in his tone.
“Is that a statement or a request?” Ugh, what are you doing? Is this flirting? I silently sighed. Rachel had never been more correct — it had been too long. “Lock the door behind you, please.” I started the two-flight journey to my apartment. We reached my door, and I took a deep breath while I unlocked it. We walked in and I tossed my crap on the table as usual. He closed the door, and I heard the click of the

“Want some breakfast?” I asked him, walking past the large sectional in my living room into the kitchen. Nathan followed but stopped in the dining room and took a quick glance around my place as he leaned against the wall. “Assuming I will be here for
breakfast?” he asked in a sultry voice full of humor.
Flushed, I popped my head out from behind the fridge door. “Smart ass, I meant now. I’m starving. Yes or no?”
“Sure.” He got dimples when he smiled.
“Can you make some coffee?” I pointed to the pantry closet door.
“Yes, ma’am.” He stepped into the pantry. “Pop Tarts? You eat Pop Tarts?” His muffled words became clearer as he walked out, holding coffee in one hand and a box of Pop Tarts in the other. He closed the door with his foot.

“I enjoy a good Pop Tart.” I pouted, crinkling my eyebrows.
“Seriously? Strawberry? I thought you said you enjoyed a good Pop Tart.” He eyed me suspiciously.
“Shut up — it’s the sprinkles. They make me happy.” I quickly looked back down to the pan, trying not to stare at his amazing blue eyes.

“Do you know what these are made of?” He sounded appalled, as if I were eating a cockroach instead of an artificial pastry.
“No, please enlighten me.” I noticed my cheeks hurt because I had been smiling for the past five minutes.
“All right, sassy pants, I will.” He was attempting to be serious, but began to laugh while he poured water into the coffee maker.
“C’mon educate me, I need a good schooling, and have you ever made coffee before?” I playfully grabbed the coffee from his hands, swiftly dumped four scoops into the top of the machine, closed the lid, and pressed the start button.
“Impressive.” He hopped onto the counter holding the box of Pop Tarts again, watching me. “It’s a sugar coma is what it is. I can’t explain it. I just know anything that has a shelf life of fourteen years and is still edible after a nuclear winter can’t be good for you.” He held his head high and tightened his lips as if he was triumphant in convincing me.
I stared blankly at him, trying my damnedest not to laugh, but the corners of my mouth betrayed me as they tightened. We both burst out in laughter.
“Really? That’s all you got?” I snatched the box from his hands and put it back on the counter. “Like I said, it’s all about the sprinkles, so if there is in fact a nuclear winter, at least I’ll be happy.” I tossed him a loaf of bread.
“Can you make toast?”
“Can I make toast?” He hopped off the counter. “Of course I can make
When I turned to look at him he was standing at the toaster with a confused look on his face.
“You’re kidding me, right?”
My mouth popped open wide in shock and he laughed.
“Gotcha.” He winked, pushing down the lever.
Oh my, no no no. I won’t survive this night if he keeps shit like that up.

Review by Shae:

OMG!!! OH EM GEE!!! This book was amazing! It all the great characteristics I love: intrigue, mystery, love, and friendships.  This book took me along the emotional rollercoaster and left me feeling anxious and relieved among many other emotions. When I finished this book I was clapping my hands together.

Harley takes you along a fantastic journey of struggle, triumph, love, sadness. The characters are easy to relate to and fall in love with. Throughout the first part of the book, I was thinking “Pretty Woman” in modern day. But then Harley throws you for that intrigue and puts enough twist in the story to suck you right in. I couldn’t put the book down. I was talking to myself all day while grocery shopping wondering who was doing what. I laughed out loud at the banter between best friends (Rachel and Jordie) and cried during Jordie’s struggles. I love how Harley writes “Jordie” as a kick-ass, strong woman. I admire her throughout the entire book.

I will definitely look for more books by H.J. Harley. “Finding Jordie” is a must add to your libraries. Be prepared to follow into this awesome journey.

5 stars (6 if went that high)



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About H.J.

H.J. Harley

HJ is just a Jersey girl surviving in the good ol’ South. She's a fan of sunglasses, good coffee, original stories, her pets, and laughing with friends. Most importantly, she loves being a mother to her beautiful daughter.

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Cynthiana, beautiful, intelligent, and by all appearances, a spoiled socialite, finds herself as chair of the Inner City Youth League Charity Gala. Her Co-Chair, Roberto Luque, is Major League Baseball’s newest playboy from the Domincan Republic. Far from being in the League of men her parents expect her to choose from, which is just fine with her since she has sworn off playboys. But, as they work together she discovers his devotion to the inner city children and wonders if there is more to him than his playboy reputation. Will she break her no playboy rule long enough to find out?

Roberto fought his way into the Majors. Now, a successful pitcher for the Texas Rangers, he is living the life he always dreamed of. Until he faces off with a bad-tempered, blue-eyed, red head that is not his type. So, why is he drawn to her? The Charity Gala gives him a chance to find out. What he finds beneath that socialite veneer captivates him, heart and soul.

When her powerful father threatens to tear them apart, destroying not only their love, but also Roberto’s hard won career, will he be willing to give it all up for love?


Copyright © 2012 Ruth Roberts
How could she have been talked into this? She was in way over her head. Cynthiana Davenport did not plan fundraiser Gala’s, she attended them. So how is it that she was now head of the planning committee? And for baseball of all things. She didn’t even like baseball, much less know anything about it. So what if her best friend had married a hunky major league baseball player last year. Just because Stacy had to learn about the sport didn’t mean she did. She was going to call her right now and tell her the deal was off. Someone else would have to take her place.

Cynthiana dug her phone out of her purse and was about to hit speed dial when she sighed in resignation and threw it back into her purse. Stacy was seven months pregnant with twins and on total bed rest. She couldn’t back out, Stacy didn’t need that kind of stress. The Gala was only a month away and everything was practically done. It would be a piece of cake. She could do this. Besides, it was only a big party and if there was one thing she was good at it was throwing parties. Sure, this one was a little larger than she was used to but hey, how much trouble could five hundred wealthy people and athletes be?

Not nearly as much trouble as managing her growing feelings for one very gorgeous, very charming baseball player with deep brown eyes and a killer smile who just happened to be her right hand on the planning committee. Roberto Luque. If she could just ignore his adorable dimples she might get through the next few hours. Roberto was a playboy and she didn’t date playboys. Ever. So she would just have to keep her feelings under tight control until the night was over. She had managed to do just that every time they had seen each other over the past year. Admittedly, it had been getting harder and harder, especially since he seemed to be stepping up the charm. A man like Roberto knew very well when a woman was attracted to him, but she was determined not to be one of them. So far she had been safe by provoking some sort of argument with him any time they were together, that usually cooled things down, but she hadn’t been able to do that since they started working together on the Gala. Thankfully they wouldn’t be alone, the rest of the committee would be there too. Which was a good thing since they were meeting at her house. Heaven only knew what would happen if the two of them were alone in a house together. Spontaneous combustion came to mind.

Her two story, red brick house on twenty-five acres in a small Dallas suburb gave her the privacy of having a slice of country while still close to the city. Deciding they would be more comfortable working in the living room she finished laying out the last of the Chinese food boxes on the coffee table. The door bell rang. Refusing to glance in the mirror by the door, she opened it to find Roberto. Just Roberto. It was dangerous to womankind for one man to be so handsome. That mischievous look in his dark eyes, a touch of humor on his full lips, dark tendrils of hair curled on his forehead and at his nape. How is it that the sight of him made her feel light headed? Get a grip girl, he’s only a man.

“Hi Princesa. I brought the wine and the guest lists as you ordered.”

“I don’t order, I request.” Defensive mode was her method of survival around him. She stepped back and let him in.

Roberto stood just inside and surveyed her house. Lots of windows let in plenty of sunlight. Sheer red curtains over white slatted blinds complemented the white carpeting and black leather sectional with red and white throw pillows scattered over it. Why was it so important that he like her home?

With a smile and a shake of his head Roberto said, “Nice. It suits you. Fiery yet warm. By the way, Jennifer and Raquel won’t be able to make it tonight.” He set the wine bottle on the table next to the wine glasses and the manila folder containing the guest lists on the sofa.

So much for her well laid plans. “Why not? We have a lot to do tonight, and why didn’t they call me?” She wanted to stomp her foot like a child. Fortunately, she was able to control that urge. Unfortunately her face felt as hot as stoked fire. Darn, why did she have such pale skin? Was it anger or the thought of being alone with him? Anger, definitely anger.

“Because they called me,” Roberto replied. “Between the two of us we can get everything done. Not to worry Princesa, hard work is not hazardous to your health.”

“I know that Roberto. Why do you insist on thinking I haven’t worked a day in my life?”

“I never said that. Now let’s eat, I’m starving.”

The man was impossible. Maybe she’d just send him home and do all the work herself. The idea had merit. She plopped down on the sofa as far away from him as possible and still reach the food. She ignored his knowing smile and shake of his head as she picked up a box of her favorite sweet and sour pork. Who cared if he thought she was a chicken for wanting to keep distance between them.

He poured them each a glass of wine and sat down next to her. He scooted closer to her as he handed her a glass. Now he seemed to ignore her scowl as he took a sip of wine, set down his glass and chose his own box.

“You’re always starving,” she said a few bites later, “it must be some sort of rule for athletes that they can eat whatever they want and still look great.”

“You think I look great?”

Darn! Why did she have to say something to make him smile? There were those dimples again. Heat started creeping up her neck and face, the telltale signs of a blush coming on. Be more careful with your words!

“All athletes look great, it’s not just you. Don’t let your head get too big, if it gets any bigger we won’t both fit on the sofa, I’ll find myself on the floor.”

He put his arm around her shoulders and pulled her to his side. “Don’t worry, there will always be a place for you by my side.”

His teasing tone turned serious causing her to look up at him. He stared down at her, his expression unreadable. Was he joking? Was he serious? She couldn’t tell and her heart was doing funny little flip flops, his fingers stroking seductively up and down her arm weren’t helping either.


Ruth Roberts has worked in public relations for fifteen years.  She lives in Texas with her very own romantic hero of eighteen years, their teenage daughter and their dog, Kimi.  Her hobbies are reading romance novels and writing them.  Her family says she is addicted to books, in her opinion that’s not a bad addiction to have.  You can find her on Facebook or on the web at You can also email her at  She loves hearing from fans. 

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Welcome to the first edition of Throw Over Thursday.  I have noticed that I have a lot of followers that are brilliant in their own right.  So, I opened up Thursdays to any author, reader, blogger, editor or creative person that wants to share with us.  They can talk about a topic, book, review, or anything that is book related.  If you are interested, shoot me an email to

Without further ado, I turn it over to Maggie Amada!



I was a studious teenager.  Dating was a major disaster that, thankfully, occurred rarely.  My young mind had trouble lining up the men in my dreams with those that existed in real life.   It turns out most men suck, and not in a good way.

But, Amazon changed all that.  Their dating service introduced me to some of the most scrumptious men I’ve ever met, besides my wonderful husband, of course.  The best part is that they have a sixty second guarantee on delivery.  I mean, when have you ever known guys to be consistently on time for dates?  And, my goodness, the quality of men was out of this world, quite literally.


First, there was Jericho Barrons.  I’m not quite sure on his species but after two dates, I really didn’t care.  He was hot, protective, animalistic and he owned a bookstore!  He drove beautiful sports cars to unexpected heists, spoke dirty and was ready and willing to paint your nails just because you got a bubu fighting Fey monsters.  Should you be unfortunate enough to be turned into a supernatural sex addict, he will bring you out of your addiction through an overload of sexual satisfaction.  He’s that good!


Then, there was Ethan Sullivan.  He was cute and a career vampire, head of his own house in Chicago right across the street from Hyde Park.  He was a little emotionally unavailable and a control freak, but I gave him points for effort and for treating women under him well.  When things get tough and you need someone guarding your back, Ethan is your man. He’ll sacrifice everything for you.  He’ll challenge his own beliefs if he has to.


Bones was a gigolo way back in nineteenth century England before he became a vampire.  This man is hot, has a British accent and zero commitment issues.  He’s a little possessive but what alpha male isn’t?  He knows what he wants and he will do ANYTHING to get it.  He has no fear of breaking the law or even killing for his chosen woman.  He has the patience of a saint and wins every argument by waiting you out.  Then, there’s the bed skills he has honed for centuries.  I better stop now before I swoon.

So, girls, if you are having a little trouble with the men in your life, call Amazon.  They’ll hook you up with these amazing men and many more.

My name is Maggie Amada and I normally blog at about my crazy life and the many hats I wear.  I think too much, work too hard, love my kids, husband, books, Doctor Who and all things sci-fi, vampire, werewolf or demon.  I also write Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romances.  From time to time, I’ll post some short stories for free on my website. 

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Color Keepers


Title: The Color Keepers

Author: Catriona Crehan

Expected Publication Date-May 1st



Hoping to have a good change and good ending to go with it, Emily, a 16- year-old girl from Ohio, has moved to sunny California.

Moving to a new town can be scary, especially a new school. So when Sam, the most popular kid there, looks her way, she can’t believe this is happening to her.

Everything seems to be working out fine. That is, until her mother buys an enchanted mirror by mistake.

Suddenly, Emily finds herself in a whole new world, full of talking animals, magic and more change than she was hoping for.

With the help of her new crush, Sam, and her annoyingly goofy 12-year-old brother James, Emily sets out to save their world and ours.

 About the Author:

 catie author pic

Social Networking:










About The Progeny Series

At its core, The Progeny Series is simply about a man and woman who fall in love, and the fact that he’s a half-blood (half-human, half vampire) and she’s a Wiccan human are secondary factors. When we meet Ascher, he’s grumpy. Frankly, who could blame him? He’s engaged to seal to Ursula—a cold and careless vampire who wants nothing more than to get her hands on a bloodstone— and he feels conflicted about his existence.

 All of that changes when he meets Shawnette McCutchin. She’s beautiful, intriguing and possesses some of the most potent blood that he’s ever smelled. A war immediately begins inside Ascher. He craves Shauna’s blood just as much as he craves her body and the closer they get, the harder it is for him to control his urges. After Ascher calls off the sealing to Ursula, the trouble begins. His family’s peaceful period ends when Ursula’s army attacks the Rousseaus.

 This series encompasses a family dynamic of which we’ve never seen. The Rousseaus share a common mortal and immortal bloodline, but loyalty is the thread binding this clan. Shauna and Ascher’s dissuaded love only strengthens the family bonds. Their unique union transcends bloodlines and completes the prophecy, defying the beliefs of centuries old covenants while shattering the wall between the Wiccan and vampire worlds that has existed for ages. This series is erotic paranormal romance intended for adults, as it contains adult sensuality, language and themes.

The Progeny (The Progeny Series #1)


                                                              “No fate other than the one I choose.”

The timeless creed, and tattoo, bore by the Rousseaus— a vampire clan with the purest bloodline of any vampire family. Out of this clandestine group came one who was different, yet the same: Ascher-a half-bloodling— half- human, half vampire.

Ascher questions the purpose for his existence and which world he truly belongs to: the human world or the vampire world. Two months from sealing to Ursula— a prearranged union to a woman he abhors — he’s at his wit’s end. He knows if he calls off the sealing, the Romanian clan will strike with deadly force, but he cannot see eternity with a cold empty shell of a woman like Ursula.

Just when he thought life was complicated enough, he meets Shauna— a beautiful, bi-racial human Wiccan — and immediately develops an unshakable attraction to her. She makes him feel alive and vital despite his origins and Ascher makes a decision that turns his immortal world upside down.

 Blood Bonds (The Progeny Series #2)


“Forever. For always. For eternity.”

 The ties that bind two hearts are powerful. For Ascher Rousseau and Shauna McCutchin, it’s more than just a blood bond. Their union is that of vampire legend. Their love is a predestined prophecy foretold centuries ago.

 It’s a week before Ascher and Shauna's sealing and the couple is making final preparations for their eternity, but Ascher's ex has other plans. Ursula is hell-bent on revenge—revenge fueled by lover's scorn and her father's death—and she begins breeding a fresh army of newborn darklings to do her bidding.

 When Ursula finds a new weapon—an ally with the capability to dismantle the Rousseau clan— Ascher and Shauna's bond is tested and they must stand together against Ursula or lose each other for eternity.

 Blood Promise (The Progeny Series #3)


“Their love is fated by an ancient prophecy. Now the promise is fulfilled.”

Ascher Rousseau is a half-human, half vampire whose life has been a series of prophecies and predictions. After finding incredible love and passion with Shauna—a Wiccan with powers beyond anything he’s ever known—he seals to her and hopes for happiness. But his enemies seek to destroy all that he loves, and he finds that happiness never lasts for long.

Darkness is descending and a vampiric revolution is nearing. A new brood of hatchlings is born to join their darkling brothers, in preparation for war. A preordained chain of events is set into motion that could lead to the rise of the demonic “cloaked one” and his half-human fallen children, while ending humanity—as we know it.

Can a supernatural love and the loyal bond of a family save the Rousseaus and the world from certain extinction?

Excerpt: The Progeny

Clutching her head with both hands, Shauna screamed, “No!” The windows cracked as she ran towards the door, fresh tears flooding her face.

Ascher grabbed for her—missing.

“No!” The ceiling rumbled, water raining down from the sprinklers. Shauna pointed towards the door. “Move!” At her command, it flew open, nearly ripping off its hinges.

Ascher appeared in front of her.

She scowled. “Go away!” An unseen force removed him from her path. Turning, she backed away from both of them, her eyes fixated on the two. Her finger twirled and pointed at each of them. “Stay!”

“I hope you’re happy now!” Ascher seethed at Ursula then sprinted after Shauna, catching her before she hit the stairs. He clutched her to him. “Shauna. Baby, please. Just let me explain.”

A strange burn started in her legs. What’s happening to me? She’d had rage issues all her life, never anything like this. Her clear eyesight blurred gray. The hall she’d seen for three months and knew like the back of her hand, became an unfamiliar maze veiled by her fuzzy vision.

Taking a stumbling step, she regained her balance against the wall. “I told you how important honesty was to me, and you’ve kept this from me the whole time. You told me she was nobody—that it was only physical curiosity. It doesn’t look that way to me. She talks like she owns you. You said that was over. How were you going to cover up getting married to someone else?”

“I wasn’t. Please, just listen to me—”

Shauna shook her head. “I’ve listened enough, and I can’t trust you. Without trust, we have nothing. All you’ve done is feed me lies. You’re a liar! I despise liars! I can’t believe I was going to sleep with you, allow you to be my first.” She gripped her stomach and doubled over as the nausea crept from her depths. “I’m going to be sick.”

He reached for her again.

“Don’t touch me!” Every ounce of restraint left her body, and chaos flooded her brain. She wanted to lash out. No, she needed to lash out.

“Shauna, just let me take you home. I promise I’ll explain things to you.”

“What part of I don’t want to hear your lies don’t you understand?” Pushing her hands away from her body, toward him, she barked, “Back!” He flew back and against the wall. “I don’t want to hear anymore lies!” She sobbed into her hands. “I hate you. I wish I’d never met you!”

Pain and disbelief creased his face. “Shauna? You don’t mean that. You’re just upset. Let’s talk things through.”

“There’s nothing left to say, Ascher. Just leave me alone. I never want to see you again.”

“Shauna, I love you. Please. You don’t—”

“Oh, yes I do. I mean it and I quit! I can’t work here anymore.” She ran out the emergency exit, setting off the door alarm, sprinting into the night.

Excerpt Blood Bonds 18+

A devious smirk crossed his face as he grabbed the champagne bottle.

“What are you doing?”

He shook the bottle, his thumb plugging the opening.

She sprang to her feet, running to the far corner of the room, but he gave chase and willed himself to the opposite wall. His strong arms seized her and cornered her against the wall.

“That’s not fair,” she seethed. “You won’t always be faster than me.”

He chuckled.

“You wouldn’t dare!”

He shook the bottle more. “Wouldn’t I?”

She squealed, “No,” but it was too late.

The bubbly stream deluged her, raining down, soaking her with its sticky sweetness.

Ascher dropped the bottle then rubbed the stickiness all over her, massaging the liquid into her skin. His mouth journeyed between her breasts and lips, kissing, sucking and nibbling at her. “You’re so delicious.”

“I’m sticky. There’s a difference.”

“I’ll just have to prove my point to you.” He reached down, plunging a finger into her.

Her eyes widened with surprise.

Licking his finger clean, he said, “Nectar from the gods.”

He was so dirty and she liked it. His no fear approach to their sex life shocked and delighted her. His kisses migrated south, his lips and tongue equally stirring her hot skin.

“No,” she whimpered. “Haven’t you had enough?”

“I’ll never get enough of you.”

“Oh, no,” she faux protested.

He lifted her into the air, gently parting her thighs while his arms guided her legs over his shoulders. Her back was firm against the wall while his hands effortlessly supported her weight, holding her snatch at his face level.

He glanced up at her, grinned then growled, “Oh, yes.”

She squirmed, attempting to get away from him, knowing it was impossible and downright foolish to attempt it.

He squeezed the soft flesh of her ass cheeks, as his tongue burned hot laps onto her swollen clit. “You’re not getting away from me.”

“You’re—driving me—crazy!” she stuttered with spastic pauses, her fingers threading into his raven locks.

A muffled laugh came from below.

Her eyes rolled as her neck dropped back. She didn’t resist or protest—why would she when it felt so amazing. She let him have his way. When he wanted something, he always got it. She collapsed as the waves of orgasm flooded her violently shaking body.

He shifted her, cradling her into his arms, gazing at her with a hint of smugness on his face. “Guess I’d better clean you up. Care for a shower?”

“You’re such a bad boy.”

“True, but I’m your bad boy.”


Excerpt Blood Promise

Shauna stood tall, her posture erect and with her shoulders squared. Her shaky hand tensed as she drew her arm back, the dagger clutched inside. “Here goes nothin’...” Determination blazed in her eyes as she aimed and released the dagger, sending it hurtling toward the target. The knife soared through the air but dropped short of the tree.

“That’s okay, love. You did good, considering it was your first try. Let me help you.” He took a wide stance behind her, helping to reset her posture. “Now,” he whispered into her ear, placing another dagger in her hand. “Let’s see if we can get this right.” Winding his hand around her hand and the dagger, he guided her to the draw. “It’s all in the shoulders and wrist.” He wiggled their wrists back and forth as if they were one.

She drew a harsh breath as her pulse thudded against his fingertips.

Ascher pushed against the small of her back to lengthen her spine. “Stand tall.” His left arm held her waist steady while his right arm prepared her wrist to release the dagger. “Breathe deeply.”

Her whole body tensed, as both their arms drew back then flew forward, releasing the dagger. It soared through the air, landing just above the bulls-eye.

Ascher was proud and gave her an encouraging smile. He’d used minimal strength and only held her arm to give the illusion of his guidance. She’d done ninety percent of the work. “Great job, love.” He flashed over to the target tree, retrieving two iron poles from behind the bumpy bark—no way would he put a silver javelin in her inexperienced hands. He’d stowed them earlier in the morning while Shauna was showering.

His mood perceptively brightened. Javelin fighting was his preferred method of battle. He held the bars out, whipping them in measured circle eights, each slice of the metal heating his blood. Handing her the second bar, he watched her again.

 She weighted it in her hands and advanced toward him with a smirk.

Her championing of the rod with such easy twirls shocked him. “You’re pretty good at that.”

“Part of cheerleading was learning to twirl a baton—you know for parades and stuff. Sometimes, I filled in for the girls who twirled the flags. Our football and basketball teams sucked, but I loved doing the dance routines. This bar is longer and heavier, but the movements are similar.”

Cheerleader Shauna in her short skirt and swaying pompoms had been the star of a few of his fantasies. Watching her swing the pole made the skin on his neck prickle. This was a new sensation for him. He stilled, watching the strong muscles flexing in her newly sculpted body. Damn, that’s really hot!

Giving her a come-hither flick of his hand, Ascher widened his stance, gripping the bar between his down-facing palms. “This is a neutral position.” He waited for her to imitate his movement and only continued when he was pleased with her positioning. “All poses start from here.” Raising the bar in one hand and above his head, he gave it a series of turns, the velocity of the revolutions resembling the blades of a helicopter.

She stilled, her eyes rounding with astonishment.

“Ursula has never had to fight a battle on her own, so she’s not very good with weapons. Sure, she can overpower someone weaker and with less skill, but she has limited training with daggers and spikes and only a basic knowledge of sparring. Her strengths are evasion and swimming. She can swim for miles and submerge just as long. You’ll be strong sweetheart, but you’ll be a newborn with lingering human weaknesses.” Bringing the bar back to neutral pose, he motioned for Shauna to reciprocate.

Her stance was now self-assured, cocky even and evident in her smug expression. “I can beat her. If she’s a novice, she’ll be easy to beat.”

He sensed the wheels turning in her head; clearly, she didn’t take this seriously at all. “Damn it, Shauna! This isn’t a game. One false move—just one moment of lost concentration and that’s all it takes. She’ll pick up on your weaknesses and use them against you. Then, you—will—die.”

Author Interview:

I’d like to thank Brandy for hosting me today. I’m super excited to be here!!!!!

Brandy I have done a few interviews and love to hear how authors got started.  What was the first thing that you can remember writing?

Ashlynne:  I was eight when the writing bug bit me. I won third place in an Optimist Oratorical contest and that was it. I can remember thinking, even at such a young age, how exhilarating it was to hear the members and audience clap for me. Honestly, it was the first time I realized the power of my words, and how I could influence others with them. As a teenager, I delved into poetry writing and continue to as an adult. The epilogues of The Progeny and Blood Bonds are actually original poetry that I wrote two years before I ever thought of writing novels. Destiny is a huge part of this series and something that I’m a big believer in. This fact makes me sure that I was meant to write these characters.

Brandy What was your muse for Ascher and Shauna?

Ashlynne:  The series started as a dream about Ascher, after a particularly long day at my day job. To put it bluntly, I was beyond tired and slept hard. The dream was of this gorgeous, dark-haired guy with the most amazing and unusual blue eyes. He was wearing an amulet around his neck that I immediately began to sketch when I woke from the dream. I’m no artist and only two people have seen that original sketch. The rest is pretty much history. I never dreamt Shauna, and she just evolved in my mind until she was what Ascher needed. The two actors that I feel look most like Ascher and Shauna are Thomas Dekker and Zoe Kravitz.

Brandy I love music but I find it distracting when I am writing. Do you like to listen to music when you write or do you like the silence?

Ashlynne:  I rock out when I write. I’m just the opposite and find it difficult to write in silence.

Brandy I am a die-hard Wes Craven fan. Who is your favorite horror director and film?

Ashlynne:  I’m a horror movie fanatic, which is strange considering that I’m a chicken at heart. I like Wes, but if I had a choice of directors to do a Progeny movie, Rob Zombie would be my choice by far!

Brandy:  I love the vampire/witch concept because it does step out of the typical romance pair. What drew you to that line of romance?

Ashlynne:  Rebellion.  Seriously, in my opinion, the vampire/werewolf thing has been done to death. I understand that they are supposed to be natural born enemies, but come on. Where is the love for the witches? Since vampires and witches are my two paranormal loves, I thought it fitting to include both of them. I’m a bit of a rebel, and tend to do just the opposite of what others expect.  There was just something so deviant about putting the two together, and add in covenants that forbid their union. I call Ascher and Shauna the paranormal version of Romeo and Juliet.

Brandy:  I work multiple jobs like you and would love to be able to blog and review full-time. Do you find yourself ever resentful that you don’t have as much time as you would like for your writing?

Ashlynne:  This something I really struggle with. I’d love to write and host others on my blog all of the time, but there are these things called bills and obligations that have to be met. I do fantasize about writing full time, though, and this is a long term goal I hope to accomplish.

Brandy:  What are three things you would like to share with the readers that may not be common knowledge?

Ashlynne:  Like Shauna, my favorite color is pink. My only child has autism. My favorite comfort food is homemade mac and cheese.

Brandy:  What is the best thing about being a successful author?

Ashlynne:  To be completely honest, I can’t answer this question, because I don’t consider myself as that. I could grace the top of the New York Times Bestseller list, and I doubt that I would feel accomplished. I am my writing’s worst critic, and I’ll always find another author who I feel writes better than I do. I will tell you this, nothing beats making a connection with readers, or having them tell you how much they enjoyed your story. This is worth a stack of sales. It’s why I write—to connect with others.


Brandy:  Anything you would like to share with the readers that are looking into a writing career?

Ashlynne:  My biggest piece of advice is to just keep writing. I have a personal adage that I use when I’m tired and feel like I want to stop. Have Patience With The Process. Novels don’t just write themselves. Also, trust your characters to tell you their stories. I dream of my characters often.  The first time that happened, I was freaked out by it. Now, I look forward to it, because I know that I’ll wake up with some piece of dialogue or a scene idea that will be fabulous.

Thank you so much, Ashlynne for taking the time to visit with me! 


I know that if you follow my blog or facebook pages at all, it is fairly obvious that I am romance book whore.  But do you know that my go to genre, the type that I would read a thousand times over, is vampire.  I LOVE VAMPIRES.  So, when two of my favorite people asked if I would be willing to do this series, I said sure.  What an amazing trilogy.  I read all three books in one night.  When I do that I find it easier on me to do one big review rather than individual reviews so here goes. 

Honor and Loyalty are at the heart of the Rousseau family.  It is the bond that binds their loyalties.  When Ascher meets Shauna there is no turning back.  Sometimes in life, fate takes a hand to complete a destiny.  Shauna and Ascher are a destined couple.  Try telling that to Ursula.  She will not stand for the humilation of having the seal with Ascher broken.  She goes to war and revenge is the name of her game.  I like that Shauna's sister Katy has a role in the book.  Sometimes the secondary characters can draw you in more than the main ones.

In the second book, I was a little distraught.  Miscarriages in a book bother me for personal reasons and Shauna's at the hands of Ursula's was harsh.  Shauna and Ascher are bonding and her sister Katy is in love.  Ursula intrigues me.  I know that evil never needs a reason for the things they do but there were some places that I just wondered why she kept going on.  I understand she was furious with the humilation of getting dumped but I really wanted to tell her to grow up and get over it.  How does she think she is going to beat destiny?  Why does she think she is more powerful than a prophecy? 

In the third book they have finally married but war is ever on the horizon and Ursula has more tricks up her sleeve than a magician.  Shauna and Ascher are a wonderful couple and the love and passion they share is breathtaking.

If you follow my reviews then you know that I don't like spoilers.  I think they take the essence of the author's work away from the reader.  This series is a fabulous read for anyone that likes paranormal.  Yes, it shares some basic characteristics with other vampire books.  In this day and age I think it would be hard not to.   This is one of those series that needs to be savored and devoured.  Read it.  Then come back here and tell me that I was right and it's a kickass series.  :)

About Ashlynne Laynne

Ashlynne Laynne has always had a soft spot in her heart for vampires but grew tired of the garlic fearing, sun-loathing creatures of old. An avid horror movie fan, she tends to enjoy media and music that is of a younger, more eclectic nature. This was the catalyst for her writing The Progeny. The vampire/witch pairing is unique and different when most books pair vampires with werewolves.

 Ashlynne loves writing on the edge—combining the erotica and romance genres—and thinks of Ascher and Shauna as the wicked, damned version of Romeo and Juliet. She is currently working on book four of her Progeny Series, book one of her upcoming Rocker Series, and an untitled novella WIP. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, reading and spending time with her family. She juggles the hats of wife, mother, full time employee and part-time writer, hoping to write exclusively one day soon. Find and follow here online on Twitter. Check out her Manic Readers page, Blog and Website, or leave her a note in her Reader Email.

Ashlynne lives in North Carolina with her husband and teenage son.

Buy Links:

Amazon US  Amazon UK   BN  Smashwords 


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