Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Seduced by a Pirate by Eloisa James

I really enjoyed Phoebe and Griffin's story. There is just something about a pirate that says yummy. This is a novella that flows with or without the addition of The Ugly Duchess.

Griffin was 17 when he married the lovely and older Phoebe and with having some, let's say difficulty, on his wedding night he jumped through the window and went to get drunk. He was pressed to join a ship and woke up in the middle of the ocean. He proceeded to begin the life of a pirate later to become a privateer. Fast forward 14 years and he has now been injured and realizes that he wants to go home to the wife he left behind.

When he left his wife, she was a virgin, when he comes home it is to find three children waiting for him. Griffin takes things in stride and realizes that he made a mistake leaving his wife unsatisfied all those years ago and vows to fix that as soon as possible.

An Eloisa James novel is always a good choice to read and this is no exception. The taming of a rake or in this instance, a pirate, is always a great story.


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