Friday, July 29, 2011

If he's Dangerous by Hannah Howell

This book fits my requirements for a fabulous read!  It is a great mixture of paranormal and historical romance.  Lorelei Sundun is not your ordinary highborn lady.  She sees naked men in her father's rose garden, but this is no ordinary man.  Sir Argus Wherlocke is a member of the Wherlocke clan, and it is rumored that they have special "gifts".  Lorelei mounts a rescue when she realizes the Argus is being held captive by a madman bent on stealing Argus's special talents.   Can Argus keep from falling in love with the lovely lady or is he destined for another fate all together?  Check out this amazing story and the rest of Ms. Howell's books in the Wherlocke & Vaughn saga.

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